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Innovative Robotic Knee Replacement

At Powder River Surgery Center

A Total Joint Replacement Center of Excellence

Welcome to a new era of knee replacement surgery at Powder River Surgery Center. We are proud to introduce the ROSA® Knee System, a revolutionary robotic technology that is transforming the field of orthopedics. As the first and only center in Wyoming to offer this cutting-edge solution, we are leading the way in providing superior care for our patients.

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About ROSA® Knee System:

The ROSA® Knee System is a robotic surgical assistant designed to enhance the precision and reliability of knee replacement procedures. This innovative technology uses a series of X-rays to create a three-dimensional model of your knee, allowing our surgeons to customize each procedure to the patient's unique anatomy. The result is a more accurate placement of the knee implant, which can lead to improved surgical outcomes and faster recovery times.

"The ROSA® Knee System allows us to provide personalized care with unprecedented accuracy. It's a game-changer for knee replacement surgery"


-- Dr. Israelsen.

About Dr. Stanford Israelsen:

Dr. Stanford Israelsen, a renowned orthopedic surgeon at Wyoming Orthopedic and Spine, is at the forefront of this technological advancement. With his extensive experience and commitment to patient care, Dr. Israelsen is dedicated to utilizing the ROSA® Knee System to improve the quality of life for his patients.

About Dr. Scott Sorenson:

Dr. Scott Sorenson, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, is committed to enhancing his patients' quality of life through advanced medical practices. He has undergone specialized training on the ROSA® Knee System, a leading-edge technology in knee replacement surgery. This innovative system allows for more precise and personalized procedures, promising improved outcomes for patients. Dr. Sorenson's dedication to adopting the latest advancements in orthopedic surgery exemplifies his unwavering commitment to patient care.

"Robotic surgery is the way of the future for knee joint replacement. It is becoming the gold standard across the country. The surgeon still performs the surgery with his or her hands and expertise.  The robot helps make more precise cuts in the bone allowing us to optimize patient outcomes."


-- Dr. Scott Sorenson

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News Feature:

Our adoption of the ROSA® Knee System has been featured in the local news, highlighting our commitment to bringing the latest medical advancements to our community. Read the full article here to learn more about how we're revolutionizing knee replacement surgery in Wyoming.

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At Powder River Surgery Center, our commitment to excellence extends beyond knee replacement surgery. We offer a wide range of advanced treatments in orthopedics, podiatry, spine, urology, pain management, ophthalmology, and gastroenterology. Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art healthcare tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

Ready for a pain-free life?


To schedule a consultation with Dr. Israelsen or Dr. Sorenson to learn more about the ROSA® Knee System.

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